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Morgan, ACFT Client

Ansley’s ACFT workout plan is truly a game changer! I PR'd my 5K run by over a minute, hex bar deadlifted 200lbs for my 3RM (I could only do 180lbs when I started the workouts), and did 4 leg tucks (I could barely get 1 rep when I started). I thought the program was put together so well and I truly enjoyed the workouts. I think the best part is that the workouts were the perfect length to fit into my busy days. This program made me feel extremely prepared for the ACFT! Thank you so much, Ansley!

Sarah, MilSpouse Client

I have absolutely loved getting to work with Ansley! She’s helped me build and maintain my confidence in the gym even throughout my pregnancy. I came into training feeling insecure as someone who had never exercised consistently. I had a lot to learn, but Ansley is always very encouraging and made me feel comfortable and empowered! She’s amazing at explaining things and helping you understand the “why” behind different exercises. She truly cares about the well-being of her clients and that’s priceless. Whether you’re an athlete or a beginner, I would absolutely recommend Ansley Cummings! 

Jillian, ACFT Client

Ansley is so responsive to adjusting my weekly/daily program to both meet my scheduling limitations, focusing on the areas where I need the most work, and adjusting the workouts so I continue to advance. I have made progress in every aspect towards the ACFT ... and I'm looking forward to continuing with Ansley.

Victoria, ACFT Client

I was a direct commission at the age of 33. Fitness was never an interest of mine but found myself in desperate need to embrace fitness as a way of life with my career choice. I met Ansley in 2019 when I realized I couldn’t get where I needed to be with my efforts alone. I’ve been working with her ever since! Her workouts are personalized to my goals for the Army Combat Fitness Test but also help me learn to be comfortable in the gym and work out on my own. My PT scores have improved and I know I could not have done that without Ansley’s help and guidance. She has a passion for fitness which shows through her knowledge and ability. 

Kali, Milspouse Client

I started working with Ansley when I was about a year postpartum and was ready to make a change in my lifestyle. She was very encouraging and supportive throughout my journey! From helping with my confidence to diet changes. Every session was great and she pushed me to even when I wanted to give up. She is a great trainer, 10 out of 10 and I would recommend her every time!

Gladys, ACFT Client

One year ago I started working with Ansley to help prepare me for the new Army Combat Fitness Test. Not having lifted weight ever in my life, being 5'1", 105 lbs, and 49 years old, I was apprehensive. I am now 50 years old and am able to deadlift 140lbs for 3 reps, perform 6 leg tucks, and squat over 100lbs. Ansley created workouts that allowed me to improve my strength, flexibility and endurance. She has raised my limits and keeps challenging me. She is professional yet kind, patient and understanding. She has been an inspiration. I would recommend anyone who would like to improve their fitness work with Ansley.

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